Marc Cain advocates the philosophy:
“The collection is the Star!”

Marc Cain combines a sense of aesthetics and art with a laid-back attitude, a natural look, innovative thinking and exclusivity.  Marc Cain is a declaration love to a woman.

What kind of woman is she? She lives in the moment, is self-confident, open-minded and curious. She loves being a woman and expresses herself by what she is wearing- naturally and as a matter of course.

Marc Cain stands for innovative thinking. High expectations on design, quality, and material as well as the latest processing technologies and the perfect fit are the company´s credo.

All product lines of the labels Marc Cain Collections, Marc Cain Sports, Marc Cain Essentials, Marc Cain Additions and Marc Cain Bags & Shoes reflect the spirit of the time in their very own way and classiness. It is the kind of fashion which always makes a difference but never betrays its principles. Distinctive and unmistakable.

The idea of “Coordinates”, in other words the ability to variously combine pieces of clothing, serves as a guideline. With this idea Marc Cain does not simply mean the perfectly harmonized outfit but the subtle meeting of apparently different components. Opposites are finding each other and thus result in a picture. A thereby created tension forms a new definition of the term “look”- the Marc Cain look.

The continuing development of  “Knit & Wear 100% Made in Germany” products is among the most recent innovations within the house of Marc Cain. The novel 3D knitting techniques are signposts for an extraordinary feel when wearing the products and a completely new look. Pullovers, knitted jackets and skirts are knitted completely without seams by means of a 3D knitting process within our headquarters premises at Bodelshausen. Thanks to extremely modern technology, the machines we use are able to produce a complete finished garment in a single process. Widely varying designs, ranging from flat knit or ribbed looks, vertically or horizontally knitted items right through to cable patterns with a hand-knitted appearance or even Jacquards, as well as combinations of different types of knitting, are made possible by these methods. In order to arrive at a finished “3D Knit & Wear” product, a whole range of individual processing steps is required.

With its own knitting production plant at its German premises, Marc Cain possesses a unique knowledge of manufacturing techniques in the areas of knitting, printing, finishing and textile testing. In addition to offering our own modeling technology and knitwear sampling facilities, supported by internationally-active technical experts, we are able to guarantee the highest possible level of product quality and a perfect fit.

We are fully committed to the social and ecological goals of the textile and clothing industry, as set out in the sector’s Code of Conduct dated May 2015 under

Today Marc Cain is a globally operating premium brand for ladies’ fashion with its own production facility in Germany.  221 Marc Cain Stores, 311 Shop-in-Stores, 438 Custody customers and another 870 upmarket specialist retail stores in 59 countries characterize the selective distribution strategy. New Stores and new Shop-in-Stores are currently in the pipeline.

Official mono-brand and stores in Cyprus :

  • 230,Arh.Makariou III Avenue, Limassol, Tel.+357 25 029400
  • Store in store : Kings Avenue Mall, Paphos, Tel.+357 26 020069
  • 36,Georgiou A , Natia House, SAGA BOUTIQUE, Limassol, Tel.+357 25 313126