MAGIC POTION is a vegetarian, organic when possible lab, with plenty of gluten-free options, which always uses 100% fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare and serve ‘à La Minute’ the most Magical juice & smoothie potions in a great friendly ‘lounge bar’ atmosphere.
Our Magic Chef prepares homemade Fruit and Vegetable Salads on the spot to combine with your drink…
A Magic Potion Soup is not to be missed! Always freshly prepared and served right in front of you!
What Makes MAGIC POTION Drinks and Food so special is the love and attention in the preparation with lots of testing in advance in our lab in order to guarantee a Magical Taste and excellent Nutrition. Our Magic Team adds a lot of passion in every secret Magic Potion you receive!
We would love to prepare and serve your Magic Potion Drink and Food always with Smile and lots of Fun! Enjoy!
At MAGIC POTION we preferably purchase directly from the local farmer’s market in order to ensure freshness and whenever possible organic products.
We aim to deliver seasonal ripe fruit and vegetables for a better taste, more nutritious and healthier variety, while at the same time supporting the local economy and family farms.
To support our environment we have developed policies and procedures in order to use recyclable materials or even recyclable plastic when possible.