The idea behind the Ambiance Elements stores was born about 11 years ago. The owners realized that something like this was missing from the Cypriot market and decided that no matter the cost, a space like this must be created, where anyone can find organic and chemical free cosmetics and their only condition was that the products were not tested on animals. The research and final choosing of the products lasted for years as the owners only wanted soaps, creams and the other cosmetics that we have in our stores Ambiance Elements, to be of the highest quality.

Our AMBIANCE ELEMENTS store is an area where the delicious smells flood you from the very first moment, creating you a sense of euphoria and relaxation. In this area you can find fresh products that are cooked with fresh ingredients.

Donkey milk, lavender, eucalyptus, poppy seed, lemongrass, tea tree, charcoal, honey and exotic fruits are only some of the ingredients used to make the products found on the shelves of this space. In a beautiful setting, with modern decoration, full of colors and aromas, one can discover all the ways in which nature can make our everyday life more beautiful and healthier.

All kinds of essential oils, bath salts with bath salts, bath salts for foot bath and milk for bath with various essential oils as well. Natural sponges and aromatic / therapeutic soaps with active ingredients that pamper body and soul, and take care of face without chemical additives. roses and daisies soaps, suggest a different way of treating natural fresh materials and make interesting suggestions for gifts. Our AMBIANCE ELEMENTS store gives a new dimension to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnatural beauty and wellness with products that were never tested on animals.